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    New artwork. Empty New artwork.

    Post by Pingy on Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:27 pm

    Photobucket -Darkened Stabber. (Yes I made this, I recolored and everything =).) -Possibly incomplete, I may recolor it to where the red is light blue, like a light saber xD.

    Photobucket -Newby blades. -Very incomplete. As you can see the blade is kinda fucked up, I will fix eventually, but if anyone wants to fix it before me, be my guest Very Happy.

    Photobucket -Worker pants. -Incomplete, very messed up, need to be fixed with firework, or some other good pixeling thing xD. If u wanna fix, go ahead Very Happy.

    Photobucket -Unnamed atm. -Complete.

    Photobucket -Same as the one above just editied xD.

    All these are copyrighted by me, if I find out you steal them without my permisson your in trouble. All these are going into the client unless told other wise by Jake or myself.
    All these artworks are copyrighted ©️ to pingysproductions since 2008.

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