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    Guide; awesome place to lvl up and about server (From wat i've played) [Pinned -Jake]


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    Guide;  awesome place to lvl up and about server (From wat i've played) [Pinned -Jake] Empty Guide; awesome place to lvl up and about server (From wat i''ve played) [Pinned -Jake]

    Post by newby101 on Wed May 20, 2009 5:36 pm

    Sup, its my first topic and, i hope u like it Razz

    Ok, well first, I am going to tell u a good place to level up. Foir a beginner i would say kill rats until lvl 4. Then, go to the aeven grocer. Go in the first door u see and when u get in there u will be underground with some rats. When u get there, kill the rats (optional) and continue on. The first door u see will probably be on ur left. Dont go in there. Keep going then go in the door in front of u
    When u go down there, it shuld be pretty straight forward; just keep walking the doors you see but not the one u came from (e.e) You should end up in a room with a door thats isolated and rats r there, maybe biters, go in that door. (By the way, if ur lvl 4 and ur doin this, on the way to the doors kill all the rats or biters u see)
    When u get in the isolated door , you can kill all the biters u want.
    If u keep going u will find some chaos and if u go further u will end up with biters and banshis (guaranteed to lvl up fast there)

    From wat I've played, this server is definetely easier to lvl than the main server (which is good cuz the main server's exp is HORRIBLE) Because it is easier to lvl, you shouldnt have to speed to lvl. You start out with oron, lens, blue boots, alot of white boots, and over 1000 scrolls. In the starting land, pigs give you 750 tnl. (I didnt kill any goats or blobs or anything so i dunno.)
    So when u start in the starter land, u shuld lvl up pretty quick (got to lvl 5 off of pigs in about 2 min)
    Have fun playin this server, cuz Jake probably worked VERY hard to make this server and its a good one (not too easy, and not hard at all to lvl up) Smile

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